Games-Infinity Live to play

27 December 2012

Event Night

Hey guys there will be a Games-Infinity Event Night on the 29th(Saturday)!

We will be playing different types of games/events in Minecraft.
Everyone show up so we can have a good turn out! There might be prizes for people who win the games.

The event on that day will be at 4:00 PM Eastern Time - (When this clock hits 4PM)

11 November 2012

Event Day 1.4.2

An event for players to take part in the community and have fun doing various activities is happening tomorrow!
The date will be November 19th, 2012 and the time the event will start will be
Timer here click me when that clock hits 5:00 PM.

Link to post click me!

29 September 2012

Survival Teams

Very short notice but hopefully we'll have a good turnout! This is Survival Teams! Two teams (or more depending on turnout) will fight against each other while trying to survive to meet a final goal. Sabotaging other teams and Fighting is allowed. Each team will be assigned a team captain who will be chosen by the teammates!
Event will be held at 6:00 PM Eastern Time When this timer hits 6:00PM

To participate please post on the forums with this link.. Click me to go to post

18 August 2012

=Minecraft Event Day=

Hey everyone! We will be having a Minecraft event day for Games-Infinity. The events that are on this day will be suggested by the community! Hopefully we will have a good amount of people who show up this day.
--Date of Event day -- August 25th 2012 (Saturday)
-Link to post on forums-

7 August 2012

Hardware upgrades

We've had some hardware upgrades to the server which causes a new IP to be issued to us for having a new MAC address. This means it could take some time for your ISP or DNS servers to update the ip for the domain You may not be able to connect to some servers or maybe you can. Depends how fast the DNS servers are updated.

24 May 2012


The map may be reset depending on the results of the vote\poll on the forums.
Here is a link- Map Reset Post

Reasons to reset the map

  1. Map getting old
  2. New places to venture
  3. Not having caves already taken
  4. Items you place in "Time capsule" will be given back after reset(This will be discussed in the forum post)
  5. New generation - (not Minecraft generation) -Example Image-
  6. Anything griefed will be gone and not cause the map to look horrid

Reasons not to reset the map
  1. Buildings or cities you have built will be gone

9 April 2012

Xbox Minecraft!

Take a look at the current development for Minecraft for Xbox! The release date is May 9th!

31 March 2012

Staff revisions

So I've made some changes to the staff list. We've had some people promoted and some demoted. These desicions will mostly be final and I will not change my mind.

30 March 2012

Better Server

Alright guys, so i'm looking into plans for the VPS we will be running off soon. I'm looking currently for a server able to hold about 40 players, and we won't have those random connection drops anymore. That was my ISP dropping the connection because I have it up 24/7. Anyways we don't have to live with the lag much longer, and we will start adverting soon!

5 March 2012

New Website Design!

The website has a new look we run off of! I felt the old layout/design was getting old and plain. Hopefully this new one livens up the website and helps us for the future!

Server News:
We are almost to going officially public on the minecraft server! Once we have enough budget to afford our expenses for a VPS we will be running without lag!
- Bryce Howell